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Paper or plastic? Repack Canada now has automated systems in place for automatic carton folding (boxes) and automatic bag filling (plastic bags).
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Automated Carton Folding + Automated Bag Filling Co-Packing Services

Automated Cartoning and Automated Bag Filling co-packing services by Repack Canada

Automated Carton Folding + Automated Bag Filling Co-Packing Services

las mujeres solteras sonora dinamita Automated Carton Folding + Automated Bag Filling Co-Packing Services

There are so many forms of packaging! How do you sell your goods? In a box, in a bag, in a pouch, in a POS display, in a tray?  Retail shelves will show you almost every option imaginable, but it still comes down to whether you are packaging in a box or a bag.

Like they’ll ask at the grocery store:  paper or plastic? Repack Canada could ask you the same question, now that we have automated processes in place to automatically bag and to automatically carton.أ٠ضل-إشارات-التداول-بالخيارات-الثنائية-2017 Manual vs. Automatic

If Carol Levy, President of Repack Canada, had to sum up our services using only two sentences she’ll say:  www xe currency charts “We’re all about the packaging, regardless of what that packaging is.  If we’re packaging up that product to be on shelf, if we’re packaging up the product to ship to your customer, the package is key.”

Some packaging projects are best tackled by hand, such as certain types of kitting or labelling, or projects too small for an automated run.  Manual processes are also required for projects requiring human interception like individual quality checks or remediation.

Automation options offer the capacity to perform larger runs in a shorter amount of time, and consistencies in repetitive processes, which is why we are enhancing our portfolio of automated services.

This month Repack Canada proudly initiates their go site Molins Langen B1-M Auto Cartoner and their Sprint SidePouch Bagging System with the advantages of more rapid packaging methods.

We currently offer a large menu of other automated services like shrinkwrapping, bundle wrapping, high speed labelling, flow wrapping, inkjet coding, box taping, box strapping, and semi-automatic heat sealing. But what benefits do automated cartoning and automated bagging bring to the table?

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The follow site Langen Auto Cartoner allows Repack to produce kits and sets of non-food or pre-packaged food items into retail boxes. Folding boxes are automatically formed, manually filled, then automatically closed and glued.  We can serve a multitude of industries and Repack is seeing requests that range from the cartoning of oatmeal sachets to sanitary napkins.

Other examples include:

  • home goods
  • cosmetics
  • pet supplies
  • liquor 
  • promotional packaging
  • health and beauty aids
  • replacement parts
  • hardware
  • hobby and craft items
  • jewelry and novelty items
  • and more! Brisker Bagging

The盲lla SidePouch Bagging System automatically sends a row of bags flowing down a line of workers to fill plastic bags.  Then the machine seals and trims and labels each bag after they are filled. This particular machine gives Repack’s clients bag style options with recloseable zippers, resealable flaps and easy-open perforations, plain or pre-printed. Repack’s system also integrates an AutoLabel imprinter for quality inline imprinting.

While Repack Canada is already running a plumbing parts project on the new Bagging System, they anticipate an influx of projects from such industries as:

  • cosmetics
  • health and beauty aids
  • automotive replacement parts
  • hardware
  • lawn and garden replacement parts
  • spare parts kits
  • pet supplies
  • hobby and craft items
  • printed manuals and inserts
  • jewelry and novelty items
  • and more!

The bottom line to automated co-packing services is YOUR bottom line: Repack Canada’s Auto Cartoner and Automated Bagging System will generate the efficiencies of consistency and time saving, and increase our edge on competitive co-packaging rates for you.

here TO BOOK A TOUR of Repack and see the Auto Cartoner and Automatic Bagging System IN ACTION NOW!

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